NameSambok Khmom - FM 105

Beehive Radio (Sambok Khmum) was granted a broadcasting license from the Ministry of Information on July 6th, 1995. At the time, the radio was managed under the Cambodian Association for Economic Development (C A f E D). It started to broadcast its programs in August 1996 and became part of the private entity SONANDO CO., LTD a month after.

According to the radio, Beehive was looted in 1997 by unknown individuals. While the Cambodian government promised to compensate its owner and founder Mam Sonando for the damage in the amount of $70,000 USD, he claims he never received. From 1998 to 1999, the radio was suspended after reporting on the demonstrations that took place after the announcement of the results of the 1998 national elections. When it resumed broadcasting, it started to air VOA and RFA programs, again suspended between 2002 and 2003 after a decision of the government. In 2003, the radio could extend its coverage in the country.

According to RSF, Beehive plays an important role in the media landscape as it rents airtime to the main Cambodian opposition parties, NGOs and kept airing VOA and RFA. Beehive radio belongs to the Sonando, Co. Ltd and its license is held by Dinn Phannara, Sonando’s wife.

Audience Share5%
Ownership TypePrivate
Geographic Coveragenationwide
Content TypeFree
CompanySonando, Co. Ltd