NameWMC - FM 102

Women’s Radio FM 102, also known as WMC, was founded in 1998 by Women’s Media Center (WMC) and officially started to broadcast in 1999.  It belongs to the Women Media Center, a non-governmental and non-profit organization, created by a coalition of five women in 1995 to promote and empower Cambodian women.

WMC FM is the first radio station run and owned by an NGO. It is also the first of the few radio stations that dared to broadcast VOA’s and RFA’s news programs of which the government was not in favor.

However, before 2013 elections, WMC had to suspend broadcasting for a few days due to an order from the Ministry of Information, banning all radio stations from relaying or airing Khmer language programs produced by foreign donors during the electoral campaign.

According to Transparency International Cambodia, the station is regarded as an independent media outlet in Cambodia as its reporters are believed to usually include various credible sources and report in a neutral manner to their stories. WMC FM is also available on WMC’s website which regularly updates current news and online TV.

According to a study conducted by BBC Media Action in 2014, WMC FM is one of the most popular radio stations among youth in Cambodia, but also among and general listeners. The WMC programs focus mainly on women’s issues.

Audience Share6%
Ownership TypePrivate
Geographic Coveragenationwide
Content TypeFree



CompanyWomen Media Center