NamePhnom Penh Post (Khmer)

The Phnom Penh Post was launched in July 1992 by American publisher and Editor Michael Hayes. Originally published fortnightly, it became a daily newspaper in 2008, after it was sold to Ross Dunkley, an Australian national, who also established the Post Media Co. Ltd [The Phnom Penh Post]. The Phnom Penh Post launched its Khmer version, The Post Khmer, in 2009, which is now considered to be more popular than the English one [CMRD, 2015]. There are three editions: Post English, Post Khmer, Post Weekend (started in 2014), They are all registered under the Post Media Company Ltd. Post English is believed to circulate 21570 copies /day and each copy has four readers (a total of 86280), and the Post Khmer edition circulates 29754 copies /day and each copy is estimated to have six readers (a total of 178524). Together with The Cambodia Daily, The Phnom Penh Post maintain critical journalistic reporting. However, as their editions reach only a few thousand readers, their name recognition in the country is correspondingly low [Oldag, 2015].

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The Phnom Penh Post

Oldag (2015). Freedom of the Press and media regulation in Cambodia: Approaches and Options for Democratic Diversity

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