The following indicators are the basis for calculating an index describing the risk to media pluralism caused by a certain level of media ownership control.

The indicators are developed on the basis of already existing media ownership & media pluralism research. They are inspired by and harmonized with the EU-funded Media Pluralism Monitor implemented by the Centre for Media Pluralism and Media Freedom at the European University Institute (EUI, Florence).

The following table summarizes the findings regarding the different indicators. A final index in form of a concrete number will only be calculated after finishing the pilot phase and comparing the findings of both Colombia (first country project) and Cambodia.


1. Media Ownership Concentration

2. Media Audience Concentration

3. Cross-Media Ownership

4. Regulatory Safeguards Against High Concentration of Ownership and/or Control in Media

5. Regulatory Safeguards Against High Degree of Cross-Media-Ownership

6. Regulatory Safeguards for Transparency of Ownership and/or Control

7. Political Control Over Media and Distribution Networks Ownership

8. Political Control over Media Funding by Advertising

9. Independence and Ownership of News Agencies