The Cambodian Center for Independent Media was founded in Phnom Penh (Cambodia) in 2007. It is registered with the Ministry of Interior as a non-governmental organization. Its mission is to promote democratic governance and human rights enforcement in Cambodia through the development of a pluralistic and independent media environment. CCIM is directed by Pa Nguon Teang, the former deputy director of the Cambodian Centre for Human Rights.

CCIM is the legal entity of VOD Radio, which originally began airing in January 2003 under the supervision of the Cambodian Center for Human Rights (CCHR). In October 2008, the Center began operating its own radio station, Sarika FM, by hiring its license from Chay Chanrithy Solida, a Cambodian business woman. Sarika first mainly broadcasted educational and informative programs to the Cambodian airwaves. VOD Radio started to operate in 2009 on Sarika airwaves. CCIM has been applying for a radio license at the Ministry of Information, which was never granted. At the end of the first quarter of 2009, CCIM began operating another radio station in Siem Reap, and by 2009, Sarika FM had a combined coverage area of 14 out of 24 provinces and municipalities, with a potential listenership of 8.5 million of Cambodia’s total 14 million population. Since 2011, CCIM has been developing multimedia approaches to produce and disseminate content by:

  • Using VOD as its radio-program production house;
  • Operating Sarika FM as the radio broadcasting network;
  • Developing for online production and dissemination;
  • Laying groundwork for a TV/video production team.

CCIM considers that media development plays a critical role in improving democratic governance and enforcement of human rights in Cambodia. The combination of

(I) media’s independence from government and other outside influences,

(II) promotion of freedom of expression and access to information,

(III) representation of the public’s needs to decision-makers and

(IV) improvement of the quality of the produced news, is the media development CCIM wants for the country. In turn, by maintaining a free-flow of information, independent and accurate media keep duty bearers transparent and hold them to account. Such transparency and accountability provide citizens with the information they need to make the critical decisions that impact them at the individual, family, community and national levels.

You can read more about CCIM values and professionalism principles here.