Among the 27 Cambodian media owners, at least 11 are on the government payroll, were appointed as an advisor to the ruling party or clearly stated their affiliation to a political party:

Among them, 5 own at least 8 TV stations (63% of total viewership), 5 own 5 newspapers (41% of the total readership) and 7 own a radio station each (at least 8% of the listenership among the most revelant radio stations) – which means a notable potential influence on public opinion.

Hun Mana, one of the daughters of the Cambodia Prime Minister Hun Sen, and Say Chhum, the current President of the Cambodian Senate, are the only owners active in each media sector.

The political affiliation of the remaining 16 media owners is either not clear or none is existent. In the case of foreign owners (4), MOM considered their political affiliation to be not relevant as their audience shares remain low and their influence on opinion shaping is limited. 

State Media in Each Sector

The only CAMBODIAN NEWS AGENCY is owned by the government, which consequently is involved in the personnel appointment. There are three GOVERNMENT OWNED MEDIA OUTLETS (Akp.com.kh, RNK and TVK), which personnel is appointment by the government. However, their impact on opinion formation seems limited since they are not amongst the most popular media outlets.