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T.Mohan (Mohan Tirvgmanasam Banddam) is the publisher and owner of The Khmer Times, a weekly newspaper created in 2013 and that became a daily in 2014. A Malaysian national, T. Mohan first started to be involved on the Cambodian market in the 1990’s, as the manager of the Cambodia Times (1993-1995) and Cambodia Today (1995-1996).

Mohan also created the monthly Cambodian Business Review in 1998 (3,000 copies according to the Ministry of Information). During this period, he also helped founding the League of Cambodian Journalists. Mohan is also the sole representative for BlueMac Resources SDN in Cambodia, a Malaysia-based company which owns the Virtus Green Plantations. As such, he holds 20% of the BlueMac group and manages the plantations of the Virtus Green Plantations. In 2015, he was at the center of a report by The Cambodia Daily about land grabs, a claim he rejected in The Khmer Times.