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NameBernard Krisher

Bernard Krisher, 84, is a former Newsweek correspondent and bureau chief in Japan. Born in Germany, he studied in the United States after surviving of the Nazi Holocaust and first visited Cambodia in 1958. In the 1980’s, Krisher became the Tokyo correspondent for Fortune Magazine and created FOCUS magazine under a larger Japanese publishing company.

Krisher came to Cambodia in 1991 and launched the Cambodia Daily in 1993. He remains his owner and publisher until today. At the same time, he set up World Assistance for Cambodia and the Japan Relief Fund for Cambodia, two independent NGOs dedicated to providing opportunities for the youth and rural poor in the country.

According to Krisher, "as an American, [he] felt it was [his] duty to compensate the Cambodians for the damage my country inflicted on them. King Norodom Sihanouk was gratified with [his] contribution to his country and has continuously praised the [...]Sihanouk Hospital Center of Hope and the more than 500 rural schools that [his organizations] helped to build" .