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Postal Address#60 Monivong Boulevard, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
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Touch Sophornn

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Touch Sophornn is the publisher of the Angkor Thom Media Group

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Angkor Thom Media Group was founded in 1995 by Thong Saphai (ថុង សាផៃ), the publisher of Angkor Thom newspaper. Angkor Thom was published as a newspaper for three years, before it became a weekly magazine in February 1998. Since then, it has been owned by Seng Sitheang, Saphai’s son. The Angkor Thom Media Group owns 3 other media outlets:

  • Dara Magazine was created in 2005, and is published every two weeks (1st & 15th of the month). It focuses mainly on social and economic news, as well as entertaining news.
  • The Angkor Thom Media website was launched in 2011 to cover domestic and International news.
  • Nokor Thom Daily newspaper was first published in 2013.

The business is family owned and managed and reporters employed by the Group work indifferently for the magazines and the newspaper. It is self-funded.