NameDAP Media Center
Revenue (in Mill. $)MD
Operating Profit (in Mill. $)MD
Advertising (in % of total funding)MD
Associated Media Activities

Soy Sopheap was the co-founder of Moneaksekar Khmer with Dam Sith in 1997.

Management Board
  • General Manager: Lim Cheavutha
  • Radio Station manager: Soy Sophea
Affiliated Interests
  • Lim Cheavutha is a founding member of the newsroom
  • Soy Sophea is Soy Sopheap's young brother
Editor In Chief

Noun Chanmony

Affiliated Interests Editor

A founding member of the newsroom


DAP Media Center was established in 2009 as a joint venture between the journalist Soy Sopheap, and Sieng Chanheng, the owner of the Heng Development Company. The Center owns Deum Ampil newspaper, its online version focusing on political news, Deum Ampil radio, and Morakot magazine. Three of the founding journalists remain at the Center. Noun Chanmony is now the editor-in-chief of Deum Ampil Newspaper, Lim Cheavutha, the DAP Media Center general manager and Soy Sophea, Soy’s younger brother, the manager of Deum Ampil radio station.

In July 2010, Deum Ampil newspaper and its print & radio affiliated media outlets, were forced to close due to financial constraints after Sieng Chanheng, its financial backer, stopped supporting the team. The newspaper, however, resumed its publication in December the same year. In April 2011, DAP resumed the broadcasting of Deum Ampil radio. In addition to dap-news.com, DAP Media Center launched Fresh News Asia in 2012.

A joint venture with LMA International, this application disseminates the Deum Ampil content since 2014 but first started as a Facebook page. Early 2015, Fresh News became available on a website and focuses on breaking news and end of 2015, LMA International joint venture with DAP Media Center was put to an end.

According to Soy, DAP employs nearly 100 people, 60 of which are in the newsroom. Following the closure of the joint venture, the future of the DAP Media Center staff is uncertain.

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