NameSonando, Co. Ltd
Revenue (in Mill. $)MD
Operating Profit (in Mill. $)MD
Advertising (in % of total funding)MD
Management Board
  • Director: Mam Sonando
  • License holder: Din Phannara
Affiliated Interests
  • Mam Sonando is a political activist.
  • Din Phannara is Sonando's wife.

Sonando Co. Ltd was created in 1996 to be the legal entity of Sambok Khmum (Beehive) radio. It is owned by Mam Sonando, and his wife, Dinn Phannara.

Sonando is known to be a political commentator on its own radio airwaves and a strong opponent to the Cambodian government. In 2014, Sonando requested a TV license to the Ministry of Information, which he could not be granted. More recently, the group faced an internal dispute, leading his employees to strike.