NameNokor Wat Media center
Revenue (in Mill. $)MD
Operating Profit (in Mill. $)MD
Advertising (in % of total funding)MD
Management Board
  • Founder: Sieng Chanheng
Editor In Chief

Dim Sopheavy

Affiliated Interests Editor

Dim Sopheavy is Sieng Chanheng's daughter.


Nokor Wat Media Center was founded in July 2010 by Sieng Chanheng, the director of Heng Development Company and former financial backer of Soy Sopheap’s DAP Media Center, one of leading media group in Cambodia.

Sieng Chanheng appointed her daughter, Dim Sopheavy to be the editor in chief of Nokor Wat Media Center. Previously, Dim was the deputy director of DAP Media Center.

Information Minister Khieu Kanharith said that Prime Minister Hun Sen requested the Ministry to support Nokor Wat Media Centre as it begins operations. In August 2011, it launched its own Krong Noreay printing house. At the time,  Touch Kongkea, an assistant to General Kun Kim, deputy commander-in-chief of the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces, was reportedly the director of the Center.  His wife, Kaekol Sophea, the deputy director.

Kaekol Sophea is now the director of the Center and the license holder of its media outlets. Nokor Wat now runs Nokor Wat daily newspaper and monthly magazine and its online news.