Royal group
NameCambodian Broadcasting Service (CBS) Co., Ltd.
Revenue (in Mill. $)MD
Operating Profit (in Mill. $)MD
Advertising (in % of total funding)MD
Associated Media Activities

The Royal Group is a parent company for CBS,  ONE TV (digital TV),  EZECOM (ISP) and CELLCARD (Mobile Phone operator).

Other Activities

The Royal Group is a parent company for over 12 companies ranging from finances and trading to real estate. See more here.

Postal Address246 Monivong Blvd - Phnom Penh - Kingdom of Cambodia
Phone Number0855 23 426 414
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Management Board
  • General Manager of CBS: Bernard Anthony
  • Deputy General Manager CBS: Ieng Kimsreng


  • General Manager MyTV: Khunsrun LIm
  • Programming Manager MyTV: Kuch Chanvisal


  • General Manager CNC: Moun Ramady
  • Deputy Director CNC: Huy Vannak
Affiliated Interests

Moun Ramady (CNC) is the former CEO of The Phnom Penh Post. He owns Post Real Estate Co, Ltd, a compnay specialized in real estate investments.

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